In the space to the right, please write a prediction for the main character. Tell one major event you think will happen to them after the author's ending. Please write your prediction in a complete sentence.

I predict that Jack will follow the Awful Pawful.
Supporting Evidence:
In the space to the right, please write three reasons for your prediction. Your reasons must come from the book. Your reasons are called supporting details/evidence. Please write your reasons in complete sentences.
Reason 1-My reason is because he wants to see what is The Awful Pawful doing.

Reason 2-Another reason is Jack wants to see if he is being mean or not.

Reason 3-Last,Jack wants to figure out if the Awful Pawful is scratching other dogs and cats.

Final Chapter:
In the space to the right, please write a new final chapter for your book. Pretend as though you are the author and you continued the story for one more chapter. Make sure you include your prediction as the important event in this new chapter.

When Jack followed the Awful Pawful he was so scared if the Awful Pawful will beat him up so Jack just climed into the Awful Pawful's suitcase.I beat The Awful Pawful will find out if Jack is in his very favorite suitcase.