11/17/09 mrs broz my turkey name is bobeg his favorice sports are basketball and football and baseball favorice food is steak he liees cleveland.

11/18/09 Dear Diary, I had a bad day at school i was in the boys bathroom all the boys came in the bathroom I ran as fast as I could I hid behind a desk no one was there. Then they called the boys for lunch. i was safe. i flopped home. i layed in my bed and that was my busy day.

11/19/09 Dear Diary i went to my friends house, jon's house . we did everything. we played basketball and football and basball .we played on the trampoline.
11/22/09 i went to the water park i went on the scariest ride. it was the most fun ride. i went on the hulk it was the scariest rided. i went on all of the rides. there are 10 rides. i went on all of them it was so much fun.
11/23/09 i went to the roller coaster ride. there were ten roller coaster rides. i went on the scariest ride first. it was very scary. i went on to the next one. i went on all of them. i was so tired i flopped home and lay in my bed. i fell asleep.
11/24/09 dear mrs broz please don't eat me for thanksgiving. I don't taste good. I taste salty. I am so soggy so you don't want to eat me. I am the soggiest turkey around. Please don't eat me for thanksgiving because I don't have any meat in me.