Electricity & Magnetism Resource Page

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Class Summary of What Students Think They Know About Magnets


​Investigation # 1- What do magnets interact with?

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Analysis of the Classes Observations

Investigation 2 Can the force of magnetism go through other materials? Which objects? Why? How do magnets and iron objects work together?

Investigation 3 How can the strength of the force of attraction between two magnets be measured? Can the force be broken? If so, How?

Investigation 4 How can a magnet be detected without using a magnet? What is the force that surrounds the magnet?


Electricity Investigation 1 What is a circuit and how does it work? What is the source of energy in the circuit?

Electricity Investigation 2 What is a switch? How does it work? What is the difference between an open & closed circuit?

Electricity Investigation 3 What is an insulator? What is a conductor?

Electricity Investigation 4 What is a series circuit? What is a parallel circuit? How can you make one of each?

Electromagnet Investigation 1 How do you make an electromagnet? How many washers can your electromagnet pick up?