Date: June 4th, 2010

Less than two full weeks to go!! Even with so little time left, there is still a lot of learning happening. Please make sure your child is in school for all scheduled days.
Field Day will be held on the 9th. Please make usre your child wears white on the day of the event.

Reading and Writing:
This week, students took part in a final book club discussion group. During this meeting, continued to practice questioning and discussion skill, but they also practiced the skill of evaluation. As part of this assignment, students evaluated elements of the book and the author's craft. The full discussions will be completed next week and posted to the wiki. Next week we will also begin a genre study of fairy tales. Students will examine various examples of fairy tales to find their essential elements. Later, they will use the elements to write their own "fractured" fairy tale. For this, they may choose to retell a fairy tale from the point of view of the villian or tell the story of what really happened after the "happily ever after".

The End of Year test was given this week. These tests will not be sent home, but scores will be available if requested. During our studies next week, we will continue our explorations of volume and capacity along with other forms of measurement.

Social Studies:
In our final unit, students will study our federal and state governments. As part of this study, students will be creating a short PSA style video or audio clip to inform othe students about the most important features of our government. Next week, we will focus on the three branches and our Core Democratic Values.

For science updates, check out Mrs. Ladd's wiki at

Important Events:
June 7th-Baldwin Library Visit
June 9th-Field Day
June 9th-Rain day for Field Day
June 14th-Move-Up Day
June 15th-3rd Grade End of Year Party