In the space to the right, please write a prediction for the main character. Tell one major event you think will happen to them after the author's ending. Please write your prediction in a complete sentence.

Jack wants to find out where would the Awful Pawful is and he is thought that the Awful Pawful was going in a new city.When he went to the dogeroo pet store he was surprised to see the Awful Pawful.
Supporting Evidence:
In the space to the right, please write three reasons for your prediction. Your reasons must come from the book. Your reasons are called supporting details/evidence. Please write your reasons in complete sentences.
Reason 1- Jack wants to find the Awful Раwful.

Reason 2-He wants to get the Awful Pawful out off the Doggeroo.

Reason 3-The Awful Pawful scratch the dogs noses.

Final Chapter:
In the space to the right, please write a new final chapter for your book. Pretend as though you are the author and you continued the story for one more chapter. Make sure you include your prediction as the important event in this new chapter.

When Jack was talking with his friends,he was wondering where the Awful Pawful would be.The next day he saw Foxy on the bench. He asked him if he could help him find the Awful Pawful. Then they searched for the Awful Pawful. Finally they stoped at the Doggeroo park. There were a lot of cats and dogs and they went to some trees but he was not there. They serched for him all day and all night. One morning they went to the Doggeroo pet store. They looked where the cats were. They found the Awful Pawful. He was the last cat in the row. The Awful Pawful was sleeping. We tried not to wake him up. Then we ran as fast as we could and went back home.