American Revalotion and Michagan Territory by HannahAmerican Revalotion
The American Revalotion
was the colonists rebeleion.The colonists were mad because most of them did not want a revalotion.They only wanted the rights that british people had in the Great Britain.A group of colonist wrote the Declaration of Independence.It was wrote because the colonist wanted to tell the world why they wanted the Independence.The colonist had no representation! Colonist thought the new taxes were unfair.Most of the Native Americans suported the british.The Native Americans were fighting on the british side.The Native Americans fought on the british side because Henry Hamilton came to Detroit and launched raids into colonial areas.

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Michagan Territory
The land ordinance was a congress passed two laws.The land ordinance called for measuring and mapping territory sold or lost by Native Americans.Michagan was apart of the North West Territory.The ordinance congrassed two laws. WI, MI, OH, IN,and IL came from the ordinance.The Northwest Ordinance made slavery illegal.Slavery is keeping people again st their will and forcing them to work,but they do not get payed.The Michagan Territory was formed in 1805.The capital of the Michagan Territory was Detroit.Tecumseh is Tenskwatawa's brother.Tecumseh wanted to organize Native Americans to fight back.

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