You have another chance to show me what you know about the American Revolution and the Michigan Territory.

For this assignment, you must use your Michigan textbook pages 98-101 and 108-111 to find information about the following topics:

  • The Proclamation of 1763 (Explain what it was and why it upset the colonists.)
  • Declaration of Independence (Explain who wrote it and why it was written.)
  • Taxes (Explain how the colonists felt about taxes and how they reacted to the kings taxes.)
  • Native Americans and British (Explain the relationship between the Native Americans and British during the Revolutionary War. On whose side did they fight and why?)
  • The Land Ordinance of 1785 (Explain what the ordinance was/what it called for.)
  • The Northwest Territory (Explain what area of land was part of the Northwest Territory.)
  • The Northwest Ordinance (Explain what the ordinance was and which states came from the ordinance. Explain what slavery had to do with the ordinance.)
  • Michigan Territory (Explain when it was formed and what its capital city was.)
  • Tecumseh (Explain who he was and what he wanted for his people.)

You are in charge of how you will present this information, but you must be able to link it in some fashion to this wiki page. To make sure that we do not cancel out each other's work, we will post at school on Friday. You MUST be ready to post your info on Friday morning. You must have information about ALL of the topics above. You will not be able to type your information directly on to this page, but you may add links to word documents, powerpoints, videos, etc. The way you present your information is up to you.

Good Luck and Be Creative!!!!!

American Rev. and Mich. Territory Review


American Revalotion and Michagan Territory by Hannah
American revolution By nick m