florida fog phantoms by johnathan rand's
i was a phantomsin my grem and i was a phantomsin ciling anumlas.in the book thet was the same ting. the phantosin cils anamlas. and thet was my deme abot the bookto and it was a nate mare it wasin the same theing as the riting it was saker then the book and it was sakarer it was so sakarer.

11/ 22/09 my mane cartre his name is mr phantom. he cils shorrks and togrs. he is the skareeist phantom arownd. he live on the bech. he owas gos in pepls hows. he is so cool. he looks werd.

12/10/09 STIK​ BY MEGAN MCDONALD my mine idey is kin kt to self. sik was in a contst i dremd i was in a contst and stik was in a sike contst. I dremd i was in a stiky. He got a stiky sows i made mine. So he whent to the contst and i did thet to. He got ther jist in tim same ase me. The anosr anost and he didn't anos stik name for mine he didnot win he got in sekint heis fred got in frst bet i got in 1 and my frend got in 2 i got a big prs stik got a litl pris thet is cod of the same.

12/17/09 horrible harry and the green slime by suzy kline ​ mt sujakt is ntust harry and his class mats to they war giving the pisupl ahar cut i tut thet was intsting . aadn ther techr. they pet slom on ther haer. the pisub they got suspndid. the had to go to detinsin. and for for weeks

1/14/10the adventures super diaper baby by georg beard​
my topik is soming insusting the baby thenthe bay was boron then the dokdr hist the baby s but and the baby gos floing i thet thrt was intustig.then the baby went out of the window and then he fel in a jar i thet thet was intusting. he got magik pouwrs i thet thet was itsting.they namd the baby super diaper baby i thot thet was a itrsing name. the baby popt then the man therd in poup he therd bigr and the baby cildd the man i thet was so intrusting.