In the space to the right, please write a prediction for the main character. Tell one major event you think will happen to them after the author's ending. Please write your prediction in a complete sentence.

I think that James and his friends, are going to meet and plan a trip back to England.
Supporting Evidence:
In the space to the right, please write three reasons for your prediction. Your reasons must come from the book. Your reasons are called supporting details/evidence. Please write your reasons in complete sentences.
Reason 1- becuse they live in England

Reason 2-mabe they want to have a vacation

Reason 3-they probably want to figure out the mysteries in the book

Final Chapter:
In the space to the right, please write a new final chapter for your book. Pretend as though you are the author and you continued the story for one more chapter. Make sure you include your prediction as the important event in this new chapter.

the gang was getting bored and decided that they were going back to England for three reasones 1. because they live in England 2. they want to go on a vacation 3. they want to solve the mysteries they encountered, so they whent back and built a small airplane and took all there relatives and friends to discover what the black beast was so they whent to cloud land, were all the cloud men live.and it apperd that the gaint flying beast was a old angery cloud men, that had sprouted wings and turned black, wich gave it a mysterios appearance